4 Best & Helpful Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss

In this post, we will let you know about the best yoga asanas for weight loss. Many people do not believe that yoga is an efficient kind of exercise to lose kilograms.

Thus, they do not recommend it for weight reduction. The low-impact workout has unquestionably gained popularity worldwide, but it is mostly renowned for improving flexibility and quieting the mind.

Contrary to the widespread notion, Yoga may assist in burning a significant number of calories and losing a significant quantity of weight.

All that is required of you is to choose the appropriate yoga asanas and carry them out properly. The following seven yoga asanas may help you lose more weight than any other vigorous kind of exercise could.

What are the best yoga asanas for weight loss?

Here is the list of best yoga asanas for weight loss:

Virabhadrasana — Warrior Pose

Here is the first one of the best yoga asanas for weight loss. The Warrior II stance makes it easier and more exciting for you to strengthen your thighs and shoulders, in addition to enhancing your ability to concentrate on what you’re doing.

The longer you maintain that stance, the more benefits you will get. You will notice a difference in the tone of your quadriceps after just a few minutes of practicing Virabhadrasana.

The Warrior III stance is designed to strengthen your back, legs, and arms in addition to helping you maintain your balance. If you tense your abdominal muscles while holding the posture, it will help you tone your stomach and give you a flatter stomach.

Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana)

Here is another one of the best yoga asanas for weight loss. Shoulder Stand is not the most detailed asana to grasp. Thus, it is probably not the best choice for beginners.

Shoulder Stand is sometimes referred to as the “mother of all yoga postures,” The Tummel software that builds yoga sequences reminds yogis of this fact.

Some people go so far as to call it “the ideal yoga asana for shedding fat and toning your physique.”

It helps you lose fat around your stomach, and it may even assist in regulating your blood circulation. It does this by activating the core muscles in your body.

Along the same lines as the Bridge asana, some people believe doing this pose may aid digestion and activate the thyroid gland.

Trikonasana — Triangle posture

Here is another one of the best yoga asanas for weight loss. The trikonasana pose is beneficial for both digestion and the reduction of fat that has accumulated in the waist and the abdomen. 

It does so by stimulating and improving blood circulation throughout the whole body. This asana’s side-to-side action helps you burn more fat from your waist and develop muscle in your thighs and hamstrings. It also strengthens your core.

Even though this asana does not cause your muscles to tremble as others do, it nevertheless provides the same benefits that other asanas offer. Additionally, it enhances both balance and focus.

Extended Side Angle Pose (Utthita Parsvakonasana)

Increasing the rate at which your body burns calories is one strategy among several for weight loss. The Extended Side Angle Pose has the potential to provide the necessary jumpstart for it.

The proprietor of The Middle Way Yoga, Erin Dewar, explains how the asana stimulates the organs in the abdomen.

It also provides a fantastic stretch for the legs and helps you enhance your stamina, which is excellent if you increase your workout routine’s intensity. This is one of the best yoga asanas for weight loss.

Scientific research suggests that yoga is beneficial for the management of stress, as well as for mental health, mindfulness, good eating, weight reduction, and quality sleep, as stated by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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